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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some life rules and decisions to share

This was posted from a friend on Facebook last week and it really struck home to me.
Also, Patty Pote, who at one time was my boss and is also a writer, posted this recently:
"You weren't created to be a failure. Sure some things may not have worked out and there have been some disappointments. But all these things helped guide you in a direction that was meant for you. Your life has purpose and significance. Try to be patient if it isn't all crystal clear just yet. For now, just know that you weren't created to fail."
Some good stuff, huh?
I need a good kick in the rear now. I've procrastinated and missed several job opportunities in these past few weeks that I regret. I've sat goofing and watching bad TV, while playing computer games rather than writing. I surf the web and Facebook, drilling down on related links, instead of getting my fat butt in gear to write and rewrite the half dozen stories I have going and transcribing my notebooks.
On the other hand, I made two bracelets and two necklaces out of projects I'd done years ago that I didn't like. I deconstructed them (tore them apart, LOL) and added some more beads. I'd post a picture, but my camera isn't cooperating. I also packed up two boxes of craft items I will never, ever use and got them mailed out today to a company that sells stuff on consignment.
That was another decision I have made over the past week. Inspired by my buddy Pam Asberry, I'm going to start an etsy store. Problem is, the camera. I just deleted about twenty pictures from all angles and distances that were horribly blurry. But, I do have a handy father-in-law that sells stuff on line and several friends with really good digital cameras that might be able to help me.
Yet another decision is that after I finish the eighth round of antibiotics so far this year (!), I will go on an "anti-yeast" diet, based on produce and lean meats. Problem with that is I'd have to give up chocolate and breads, which are like major food groups to me. *sigh* Pray for me.
And another reason why I haven't posted in a while is that I made some decisions about my fiction writing as a result of my Maggie contest critiques. I've made the decision to publish on-line and postponed my deadline to do all the things necessary to upload AT LEAST TWO of my stories until later in February 2012, around my birthday. The judges' notes told me I'd cut too much from the beginning of SEVEN DAYS, in my quest to get the word count to meet traditional publishing standards. Since I'll be self-publishing, that won't be as much of a concern now, will it? I can go back and explain the situations that seemed unclear to the judges and move up some of the revelations. This is a HUGE relief to me. I sent my thank you note to the judges last night.
I will be renewing my Romance Writers of America membership, despite the fact that they don't consider self-published authors as meeting their standards of "professional." This upset me until I realized how tied in they were to traditional publishing. Things will have to change in the next year. I may go ahead and send queries out to a couple of agents just to send in and get my PRO pin, but I'm betting there will be some fireworks. I want to watch the fun. Maybe stir some of it up by sending a letter with my membership renewal asking the organization to justify my dues.
Did I mention, when I was working for the State of Indiana, my nickname was "Troublemaker"?
So, you may see a little less of me on the interwebs, since I soon have to find the dreaded "day job." I also have to get going to get some more things out to a resale mall where I have a booth with another friend. I've been selling some antiques and household things we haven't used in years there and some months it's paid off, some months it hasn't.
I'm paring down my life. I'm desperately trying to be more productive and meet goals. I'm going to be healthier and more active. But, I will still love to hear from each and every one of you who visits, comments and politely kicks my big butt to get it in gear. What are your goals for the rest of the year?