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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sunday Sundries--New Year $#!% I Need to Get Done

So, Julee, why do you wait until after the middle of January to talk about the concept of a New Year’s Resolution? Simple—I see what’s working in the changes I wanted to make and what isn’t. I thought you might be interested/amused/horrified at what this writer with a full-time job, husband and house has written on little scraps of paper in her pockets and on lists in her notebooks. Understand, some of this stuff won’t get done, but that’s okay. I just need to remember things in a more organized manner. 
 And do a little more organizing and cleaning. Not too much more, but more. 

So, what did I do most of this evening? Goofed on Facebook and Pinterest.  
 And we all know I'm just a couple of storage bins away from being on "Hoarders." This is just too true:
I did organize almost two hundred pages of my notes into my One Note data base and Word files earlier in the week. I've sorted several hundred .jpegs and family pictures, labeling them and getting them in my flash drive files. I ordered new glasses, as my optical insurance kicked in at the first of the year. I got a bunch of clothes put away and wrote some more notes on scenes for four books.

I got to go out with two of my buddies for dinner Friday night.

We made a semi-weekly pilgrimage to a crafts store for me to get some special beads for a commission to make a bracelet for a co-worker and I have to repair a key chain for another co-worker. It's good to get back and do some beading again.

I did a bunch of grocery shopping and survived the flu last week. Hope you all are fighting it okay.

No, really. I hope you don't have to deal with any of it. It's not pretty.

I also have on my list to update my address book. I got in contact with a second cousin and got a bunch of addresses and emails to add and share. At my uncle's funeral, several of us talked about trying to organize a get together this summer. I hope it happens.

 But, in the meantime, I really love that I keep in touch with so many friends and family on Facebook. 
This was cute. I really liked this one, too:

I haven't learned how to Skype yet, but I have the software ready to go, if I do.

Had to have another kitty one:

The cats have been tolerant of my attempt to be more productive so far this year. They still would be more appreciative if I cleaned the litter a bit more often. 

So, here's hoping you have a productive week too! Take care and see you back here next week, promise.