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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Some Goodbyes for a While

Okay, all the paperwork is in to the FLMA and short-term disability folks. I have several ugly XXXL shirts to wear after surgery (oh, yeah, you'll see pictures later). I got some light plastic plates and bowls, then also got some light plastic lidded cups to use over the next few weeks. A buddy who's been through shoulder surgery got a long handled body scrubber in purple.

I'm almost ready.

A few more things on my list. I'm having lunch with some friends in the next few days. Went out with my hubby for a big dinner last night. Got some things at Wally afterwards, including another package of dark chocolate Klondike Bars.

So, transferred some pictures from my one device to the thumb drives. Finally got some pictures of a neighbor kitty that comes to visit every once in a while. It looks like a Japanese Bobtail, but might be a Manx. Friendly critter, seems well fed
Lets me rub the belly:

I let it know I won't forget, even though I won't be out to give lovins for a while.

We went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and I saw a young man at the bar that looks like one of my characters. Awesome.

He had a nice voice too.

Got another thrill--I replied on a blog and won an autographed book from one of my fave authors, Grace Burrowes. She is a rising star in the Regency field. I'm really pleased at her success.
I'm grateful for this book, because one of my characters is a medically-retired Marine. Grace and I discussed the sad effects of PTSD on our soldiers. It will be on my reading list while I'm laid up after surgery.

I've been spending breaks at work walking around the center, looking at how my co-workers decorated their desks. I really loved the patriotic balloons we got for good surveys and here's a cluster of some:
I can haz balloons....

One of my co-workers organized a group to crochet and weave/knit hats for kids at the Vanderbilt high risk nursery. Here's a small bit of her yarn stash:

A team member draws on stones with Sharpies and she did a Guy Fawkes mask face for the guy that sits next to me:
Another team member has this cool model on his processor:

So, I'll miss a lot of these things and people I see every work day.

For a few weeks, I'll be confined to my love seat and downstairs of my house. I'll need my husband or my friends to cut my food or to lift anything over a few pounds. I will be typing with my left hand. My cats are already starting to freak, as is my husband.

We'll be fine. I may or may not be posting regularly while being off work. But I will try to keep in touch. Take care!