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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Yo' Mama Edition

My mama passed away in March of 2004. Hard to believe it's been nine years. She was brilliant at a time when women weren't encourage to be, earning a scholarship to a business college in the 1940s. She didn't take it, because she was "in love." Her words. After my oldest brother was killed, she had several different careers, working at the town's library, the hospital and one of the banks.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her:
So, I had a fierce, strong example for my life. I am grateful. I also had strong aunts for mentors and my mother in law is an incredible woman. While I do not have children and my nieces live far away from me, I will try to be the best parent for my characters. Mom was an avid reader and I know she would be thrilled that I've completed two novels.

So, having said that, there have been lots of posts that really made me smile lately. this one was from last year:
Did I mention Mom and Dad were alcoholics and I was very proud they both quit my sophomore year in college?

Mom was a little perverse. While she would never hurt me, this would have made her laugh:

She definitely would have had this comeback:

Mom was brave enough to take out a wood spider that was the size of my hand that was in my room when I was in my early teens. While I'm sure if my child was in danger, I'd step up to the plate to pound something like that into oblivion (I think this was the origin of my irrational fear), I'm relieved I'll never have to worry about testing my bravery. Yes, I did put something in my fiction though:
 I know Mom did the best she could, but I feel this is part of what she felt:
This quote made me sit up a bit straighter. It wasn't always easy to be a strong girl or woman:
I'd like to ask all mamas to remember this, please:
I know Mom said this several times:
So, yes, I'm proud to be fierce, like Clara Maude:
Finally, all you mamas out there can be proud of your mission accomplished:
Happy Mother's Day to all you pet parents out there too. Take care and see you next week!