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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Slambook Questions Favorite Snarky Sayings

So, in my teenage years, I had a bunch of pen pals. I would make little slambooks to be sent out to my friends. Each person would answer the few questions, then send it on to their pals. The person filling out the last slot was supposed to send it back to the originator. I only got a few of them back, but it was fascinating.

I suggest we have some questions that are fun to ask ourselves, but more importantly, to ask our characters. One of the things I've been thinking about lately is favorite sayings on T-shirts or buttons.

We were recently in Las Vegas and without thinking about it, I wore a North Carolina T-shirt I'd purchased on a previous trip. I was amazed at how many folks commented about it as I walked along The Strip. At the science fiction conventions we used to go to, there were a ton of buttons with the obligatory snarky comments for sale. One is my profile picture on Facebook:

Which is true, by the way.

Another one I posted recently:

You can thank me. Some of my characters might have that on a T-shirt.

Here's another one that makes me smile that I can see a couple of my characters wanting:

One of my characters had the nickname of Will the Dick, because he, well, displayed dickish behavior way too often. Since his brother and one of his sisters in law are vegetarian, he makes a point of wearing this shirt:

Since all my characters are readers (Rob has dyslexia, but he listens to audio books), I know they would want this on a shirt:

This is a shirt my character Elizabeth would definitely wear:

It says: "Fear me I am a woman who reads, writes, thinks and votes. Now quit staring at my boobs before I punch you in the face."

This is something I would definitely get for Rob to wear and the onesie for any of his kids:

My brother agreed that we both should have this one:

And I'm getting ready to go to my "real" job now and should have this one to wear proudly:

All of these are available at various Etsy or eBay stores. What would your character wear?