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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Let's Try Again, Shall We?

Wow, where did January go, huh? I will promise to be a little more disciplined on posting here. Thanks to all, I'm getting close to 16,000 page views! I've allowed myself to get distracted, though and please accept my humble apologies.

On a Facebook group page (5 a.m. Writers), I posted about having ADHD for writing.

Yes, it should have an apostrophe in there.

I obsessed over a post-Civil War story, novella-length, for about a week and didn't do anything more on my two works in progress that I've almost finished. While I needed to get the notes down, one of the originators of the board, Pam Mason, was absolutely correct. I need to get more disciplined and finish.

Thus, Friday, I focused on combining two short scenes from my hero's point of view. I also added a bridge scene that sets up some action the next morning. It solves a problem (how did something get there?) that would bother some readers, as it bothered me. I'm not finished, but I'm pleased, because it should provide amusement and gives insight into a character while moving action forward.

My husband agreed I need to focus and get this one book done. He often jokes I'm the Stanley Kubrick of romance novels, in that I've been writing and editing for over six years. He makes me laugh. He's offered to do my covers for me, which is a thrill. He works at a TV station and designs graphics for use on air when he directs the newscasts. The first book will have this sign on the cover:
Probably a different angle. It's important, because my heroine will have to move and make a life for herself with her new husband there. I'll take a couple more pictures of it when we go out there at the beginning of April for our 25th wedding anniversary (and for him to play in a poker tournament!). He was worried that the Photoshop program was very expensive. Actually, it's about the cost of what it would be to have two covers made by one service, so there you go. I've discussed the cover of my second book, which would have a spring nosegay on it with a rose color background, with a friend who will help me with the flowers. I'm excited. Here's one I love:

 Thanks to Pinterest for being one of my greatest time sucks. I do want to do boards for my main characters and for each title, though. I'll post links here when I get to it.

I was speaking of heroes and Friday was my dear father-in-law's eightieth birthday. My husband is over visiting with him and some of his brothers and sisters right now. Dad T. is a veteran, a businessman and a fine father. While we often don't agree politically, I'm grateful for him and Mom T. and love them very much. Here's a picture of them at a birthday party a few years ago:
A true love story inspiration.

It is also Super Bowl Sunday, but I have to head off to work here in a bit. It's either going to be incredibly slow or crazy busy (I work in a call center doing tech support). I am going back to spending my lunch hours transcribing notebooks. I will spend down time on my netbook labeling and sorting pictures. Or playing solitaire...

My husband will be watching because it is, well, football. Some friends will be over to watch the commercials.

I was excited to see the movie "Lincoln" last night. It tied into my obsession with my one story, giving me a great sense of place and time.
I truly recommend it. Another thing I want to do is watch more movies with my honey. He's reading a biography of Teddy Roosevelt now and I'm learning a lot of history talking to him.

So, here's promising a little more discipline, a little more productivity, a little less Jewel Quest. Here's hoping I'll keep better on track. Love to all--see you next week, promise.