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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Silly Stuffs!

Dear hubby and I were out of town for the weekend and we're sitting here watching The Oscars while looking through my sillies to share with you today! This was just hilarious, the poor thing.

This one's pretty fun too:

Okay, a little more highbrow:
Not really. Here's another one.
Our kittehs were none too pleased that we ran off and left them. I made sure to clean the litter so we wouldn't have any political statements.
Love the funny paw, don't you?

We went to a science fiction convention where the term "Cincinnati Rules" was coined. If you get up out of your seat, well, you don't need to be so surprised when someone else takes it.

One of our cats tried to convince our friend that he never had any lovings, was starved to death and beaten at every opportunity. So obviously not the truth.
And finally:
Yeah, this looks like him. So, don't believe anything he tries to tell you, okay?

Everyone have a super week!