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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Sundries--New Beginings

Is not the end. That's the way I'm looking at it anyway and I invite you all to join in the fun. We survived the so called end of the world and we need to look at this as a beginning.

I felt incredibly selfish this morning. I remembered a Christmas when I bought and wrapped coffee mugs for my co-workers. When I gave a package to the department secretary, I asked if she wanted to open it now. She said she would rather not, because she wanted to have something to open on Christmas day. Think of that, please, as you consider your gifts and charity this year. 

So, while I didn't get the Christmas baking done, that's okay. Maybe, I'll do some things tomorrow after I get off work to take in and I do have Christmas day off with my honey and can spend time with my kitties, family and friends. Life is good.

I replaced the scratch pad in the cat toy, so my stripey twins are happy. Some friends:
Some other friends and one of my characters....
Perfect Christmas breakfast for one of my characters:

She loves all things cinnamon and instead of a wedding cake, they have two large trays of cinnamon rolls. This is my prayer today:
This made me laugh. We've been watching some Christmas specials that made me smile.
The same character that loves cinnamon rolls loves Hello Kitty.
Something to think about. But this is what the kitties want:

Finally--probably not even then. I'll have to work until 12:30am that morning, but that's okay. I'm grateful for so many things--especially you all! Take care and relax and enjoy the next week. Catch ya on the flip side!