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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Variety Edition

While I'm getting used to the new "real life" job and still doing a little writing, I still need to get my @#$% together and get a little more organized and disciplined. My characters are crying to come out and be heard. I keep pretending it's all research, but I know I'm just fooling myself.

But, you reap the benefits of the fun sillies I've found, right? After all,

And this is too true:
Though this is also true:
 I gave one of my characters that trait also. I gave another character this trait:
But, I have to acknowledge this:

One more, without being maudlin, then we'll go back to pretties and funnies:
Here's a little naughty, thanks Lisa Lockridge:

Isn't this a fun idea? Thanks, Mark Lipinski!

Now, a couple of my characters are painfully white and geeky:

Explains much, doesn't it?
Another character hates having her picture taken. Of course, I had to hook her up with a photographer.
And finally:
Have a super week, everybody!