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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Birthday Edition

Well, there you go! Tomorrow will be Happy Birthday to me!
Yes, I have to work, but I have my Hello Kitty tiara to wear. Seriously, I work in a call center, so the customers won't see me, but I'll be having fun.
Last week, on Valentine's Day, I was in a car accident. I'm OK (I was a little sore--it hit hard enough that it spun the car around) and amazingly, The Mighty Purple Saturn only has a jilfriggered back bumper, but, my husband got out of a warm bed to come "rescue" me. I had everything under control, so I let him take me to breakfast. When he got home, he presented me with some lovely amethyst earrings and matching necklace that happened to match a ring I bought several years ago. This from the man who swore he'd never buy me another amethyst. I'm a lucky girl.
Love the look, don't you? My official birthday gift is the MS Word software for my laptop, which was my Christmas gift.
Though I am so totally a fangirl and huge stripey kitteh fan.
And black cat fan. We're having a small birthday get-together tonight at a local restaurant. I have a couple of friends with February birthdays and one is a Leap Day baby. She is turning fourteen this year and requested a lemon meringue pie instead of a birthday cake. I'll pick it up, along with a chocolate pie, later this morning.

It won't be that wild, but love the picture.

Don't need to worry about that.
Because this graph is true. And finally--
Stripey twins Boris and Natasha have promised no hairballs or political statements and I'm grateful. And I'm grateful for each of you! Have a super week!