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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Even more music old and new

Okay, after I figured out Rhapsody, I got to deal with eMusic. I had a bazillion little gift cards for free music from flash drives I'd purchased, but when I tried to use one, I got stopped. It was finally determined I'd signed up for a free trial in 2007, but didn't use it because at that time, they didn't have anything I wanted. After a half dozen emails, which I printed out (respect my paranoia!), I finally got them to say they'd credit my account for $17.50, IF I would sign on again. One more email where they said oops, we forgot to tell the computer it was okay for you to use the same credit card number and I still had to call customer service.

Long story short, the emails disappeared (were recalled) and suddenly, it was if I "bought" the $11.99 month, they'd "give" me the next month free on June 22nd. Really freaking weird, but I cut my losses, because I didn't want to $#%& with it any more.

So, wanna hear what I got?  These are the YouTube links:

Because, baby, I was BORN this way! More tunes to listen to while writing. What are your favorites?