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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Sundries--More and More Books!

We just got back from VACATION! Didn't want to come back, but we didn't win the lottery. One of the things we did, something we always do on trips out of town, is visit the new and used bookstores in the area. Here's the truth:

One of the stores we stopped at was run by an older couple. I know my husband was thinking that would be us in a decade or so, if he had anything to say about it. I ran a bookstore for almost ten years in a previous lifetime and while I believe the future of print books is shaky, I know there will always be a market for books, even a secondary market.
And there are too many others who believe the same way I do.
This is so true, isn't it? It's been way too long since I seriously got involved in a book. I think a part of it is that I am writing myself now. I'm analyzing instead of reading for pleasure. Another thing is that I've got too many books calling out for my attention.

We have literally a ton of books in our basement that we can't fit on the multiple bookcases my husband has built, yet we keep buying new and used. Not to mention the over 900 books on my Kindle. I tell you, I can't even make a decision on what I want to read next and yet I want to go to the library and check some stuff out.

I ran a bookstore for many years and this just made me laugh. Yeah, I can read your mind and that book is over in the green book section.
I tried to keep a database of my books, because I started buying duplicates. Unfortunately, it went by the wayside a few months ago. It was up to thirteen pages, though.
Seriously. I have waaaay too many choices to read. I usually have two or three books going at the same time. And this is true:
I've got a Christina Dodd romance novel in my purse now. It took all I had to keep from pulling it out while waiting for food in a restaurant today.
I have quite a few books that I could probably get rid of, resell or donate. There's a big debate now about whether one should "re-purpose" a book that would end up in a landfill or worse. I found a copy of Danielle Steel's No Greater Love that I'm going to use for an inspiration book, putting in pictures of people who look like my characters, of areas where some of my stories look place and little drawings or doodles. But this is an amazing thing:
This is by an artist named Brian Dettmer.
Here's another--don't know the artist's name on this one, though.
These are not rare or limited edition books and you know, I'm okay with this. After all, libraries and book stores have been clearing out their stacks for decades.
This is the truth, isn't it? I love to go to other reader's homes and see what they have on their shelves.
Finally, I can't even imagine naming just one favorite book.

Have a great week, everybody!