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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Books and Cats Edition

What's not to love, right?

My husband just said something rather frightening. He looked over my shoulder at the computer screen and said, "You've spent more time looking at things about books than you have reading lately." Imagine my shock when I realized he was right. Scared the *bleep* out of me. So, because I need to get writing too, you will see less of me on Facebook and Pinterest over the next few weeks.

But, don't worry kids--I still will have plenty of wonderful fun things to share with you to make you think and laugh!  I carry a big bag when I go into work that usually has at least one book in it, so I love this:

My characters are all readers. Well, the exceptions are Rob and his son Ethan who have dyslexia, but they share a love of books and I've had a wonderful time researching photography books for them. One of the novels I almost have finished is the story of one of Rob's daughters who falls in love with a man who cherishes books. Now, this story takes place 20+ years in the future, so I have to find some truths that will still be valid. There is a scene in an antique bookstore and Reney's cousin buys an estate library for them as a wedding present. There will always be books:
Yeah, I'm old school. I roll like that. Here's another truth:

But new books are wonderful too. When I ran a bookstore, we used the distributor Baker & Taylor all the time and I loved this vintage-style poster:

I have to say, I'm never "just reading":
This applies when I'm writing too. I promised some kitties:
I grew up in a library, because my mama worked there and I would dearly love an old card catalog unit. And I sure do miss my black cat this time of year. This one was captioned "Researching how to get rid of the dog"
Love it. And I love tabbies--here are two that made me smile:

But, let's get back to that reading thing. This is me usually:
Like now. I need to get to sleep, but I enjoy visiting with you all. Have a great week and keep reading and scritching your furry friends' heads, OK?