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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Science Fiction Convention Photos

Starting a new schedule at "the real job" and just wanted to share some interesting photos from our vault--now a flash drive with scans in of the negatives.

I met my husband and most of my friends through science fiction conventions. I've met many authors and have literally a ton of books and videos in my basement. My brothers introduced me to SF at an early age and I inherited their paperback collection. It's all good. Here are a couple of great pictures from The World Science Fiction Convention in New Orleans, in 1988:

Yes, my friends, that's an actual Hugo Award from the, I think, Tor Publishing party. One of the authors had it for us to admire. They're of a different design each year, but I thought this was lovely.

The year of "Roger Rabbit" was very, very cool. This was from the masquerade, which was held in an old theater, rather than a hotel ballroom as usual.

The late, great Ken Moore as a futuristic soldier, from I believe, Joe Halderman's Forever War.

Part of the group I helped backstage--they were goth before goth was cool. When the convention went to hell (staff quitting, panels cancelled, etc.), we'd just go down to Bourbon Street and folks wouldn't blink an eye at the costumes or makeup.

This dude was part of a group of undersea creatures that were pretty amazing. The character in the snail costume had a gossamer trail that rolled out behind her.

Just a small fraction of the "huckster room," or dealers' room, where people sell books, jewelry, collectibles, etc. Very, very dangerous.

Don't remember what these were from, but they were book covers by Michael Whelan and just as impressive up close. Costumes were judged on craftsmanship as well as presentation.

These are from the Boston World Science Fiction Convention the next year, 1989.
This is movie maker Frank Marshall, with their version of a Hugo Award. He was talking about his next project, "Arachnophobia." Yuck.

Part of the presentation where a group recreated some novel covers by Robert A. Heinlein, which was pretty impressive.

 Last minute touches on another costume that was another cover reproduction.

Hugo Awards ceremony with Mike Glyer, Charlie Brown (Locus Magazine), C.J. Cherryh, Gardner Dozois, Roger Zelazny, Connie Willis, L. Sprague de Camp and Mike Resnick among the group.

The late, great Andre Norton. One great picture I missed a few years later was her and Robert Bloch taking a "kitty break" outside a meeting room at another convention.

One of the large groups of costumers in the Master Class.

And finally, this picture didn't turn out as well as I'd liked. She did reproductions in counted cross-stitch of several famous SF covers and was "The Art Show." Very impressive indeed.

So, thanks for sharing a walk down my memory lane. It was 30 years ago that some of our local SF fans and gamers started the conventions in our area and I really miss those days.  Have a great week, everybody!