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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Home Again Version

Over the river and through the woods...
Actually, we kept pretty much on I-64, but this is what it felt like going through the mountains of West Virginia, at night, in the rain. It was, shall we say, a challenge. But, I needed to see my big brother, because he was going into surgery.
Here I am, with his daughter Cindy and my brother. I got to visit and even helped fix his computer, so he could get on-line.

Ed came through with flying colors. It was great to visit with everyone and other than driving over twelve hours each way, I was glad for the adventure. He's going home in the next few days.

So, let's get back to the fun of looking at funny things to inspire us and our fiction. Ed and I were both serious readers. This made me smile:

My sister-in-law, Ed's wife, was a major influence for my love of needlework. Also, Ed got me started reading science fiction. This appeals to both:
 My sister-in-law had her Christmas tree up and I found these funnies to make me smile:
This was captioned "It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas." And I've seen this on Facebook from a couple of people:

We had friends watching our cats while we were gone. When we got back, this was what we saw:
Seriously, the "Oh, you're back" lasted only a few minutes, then it was, "Mom, Mom, Mom...."
Speaking of beds, this happened a lot, with me remembering what I needed to pack or put in this bag or that suitcase:
It happens a lot with my writing, too. I have a notebook in the bathroom to scribble ideas that come to me in the middle of the night. I had a lot of strange thoughts, being out of my routine. Sharing family stories, I realized this was true:
My niece would tell a story and I'd finish her sentence. It's a family thing and I worked it into my writing. I was pleased she started writing again too, while we were in the waiting room of the hospital.
Finally, a few more Christmas things:
Yeah, what's up with that? And:

So, you'd better behave, okay? Everyone have a great week and I'll be back with more funnies, promise!