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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Sundries--From the Department of Odd and Useless Information

Okay, I can't be serious here, because I need to get my chuckles on before I do some serious work! I've been bad lately, not keeping up with my writing schedule and playing waaaay too much Jewel Quest III. So, please join me in agreeing that sometimes, this is what we need:
Are you with me? One of the things I've been doing is going through the tons of magazines I've gotten over the last year (literally!) and marking things of interest with sticky notes. Rather than writing notes into my notebook, then having to type them into the computer later (assuming I can read them), I've been scanning things in as jpeg files and dropping them in the appropriate folder in my computer. This one is in the Photos for blogs file:

I've enlarged it for you to enjoy also. I've found all sorts of things--models who look like my characters, rooms for my characters' houses, gardening tips, military stories for my characters who are veterans, child rearing tips and tons of great recipes.
So, despite not getting stuff down, I find I'm not sleeping as I should again. Bad Julee!!! But, others are sharing my problem and I found this on someone's Facebook page:
Doesn't that strike a little too close to home? Love it.
Being a serious fangirl, I tend to love cartoons and pictures involving "Star Trek" or "Star Wars." I'd seen this one before, but it makes me smile:

And of course the other one from the Epic Fail site:

My other major love is cats and I have a huge file from the LOLCats site. This one made me laugh out loud because the subject looks like The Late Great Amazing Tail-less Wonder, my Sky Kitty:

Here's hoping we don't see whatever the memes saw! Please post or follow if you like and feel free to share on my Facebook page. Have a super week!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Joys of a Good Bookstore and Reading

Hey, kids! Last weekend, Dear Hubby and I visited the fine city of Louisville, KY, to see some friends we know from when we were regularly attending and running science fiction conventions and we took the opportunity to go to Half-Priced Books and Books-A-Million. I dearly miss BAM--we had one in my hometown that closed a few years ago. When we're in the area it was, we always joke, "Hey, let's go to Books-A--awwww, crap!" We do that with the Borders, too, but it's not funny yet, since they closed early this year. BTW, it's a Halloween Store now. *sigh*

Anyway, knowing you love books like I do, I thought I'd share just a few of our finds.
First, a book on my Must Acquire List since it came out in hardcover last year:
I'm a little bit of an Anglophile and this true love story really fascinates me.

A re-issue I missed when it came out the first time. Love Lisa Kleypas's historicals, but don't dare put it on the To Be Read Soon pile, because it's teetering like a Jenga game. It unfortunately goes in the bin in the basement, until I can plow through them all.

Then to feed my cross-stitch addiction:
This looks so awesome on the inside and I'm sick enough that with a good light, these might eventually get stitched and framed. Into pain, I am.
Here are two on my To Be Re-read list:
I originally picked up The Left Hand of Darkness to pass on to my cousin's high school class, but the more I think about it, the more I know I need to re-read it sometime in the next year. I don't remember it like I should. THEN, I'll pass it on to her, because I have another copy somewhere in the 65+ boxes of books in the basement. The Club is somewhere in the depths of the basement also, but it will NOT be going to a high school class. It will be going on to a buddy of mine who is also an afficianado of "Lady Porn." You know who you are, Terry.

So, some of the folks at our SF gathering left a bunch of paperbacks and "pulp" science fiction magazines. I'm betting I have these out in the garage somewhere, but these two issues were pulled because they have Harlan Ellison stories in them.

Really, I am such a fangirl/geek, there are no words.

I did actually read this weekend and finished three books. Okay, I'd read the first two stories in the Christmas romance anthology a few weeks ago and read the first three chapters of the Harlequin on the author's website, but my husband was all peeved at me, because he's a slower reader. I really did marry my dad.

Thanks again to Karen Rose Smith for sending an autographed copy because I commented on a blog she wrote. Live for autographed books and that's the one thing about eBooks that gets on my nerves. Anyway, you can read my reviews of these two on Goodreads at:
The other finish was the first book I completed on my Kindle and it was also a "freebie" from commenting on a blog, so thanks for that:

And here's the link for my review on Goodreads:

Finally, here's the current issue of Real Simple magazine. I should just subscribe to the damn thing, because it seems like I buy most issues.
As I said, just a fraction, but hope you enjoyed sharing a look in my bookbags.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Sundries--a Mix of Things from My Blog Files

First off, ladies, you have to watch this PSA for breast self-examination. It is hilarious and if it makes you think to do your self-exam, it's served its purpose. Stay for the credits at the end.

This next one, I found on Facebook also today:

So true, so true.

The next one I got from one of my history geek friends:

Love that one too.

This last one made me laugh out loud--I used to work at a license branch and always pay attention to plates:
We Are Amused.
Have a super week and let me know if you find any more great ones!