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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Sundries--All About the Women

My husband and I finally got to see the new "Star Trek" movie at the theater Friday. I loved it--but I'm a certified fan girl geek. We actually met at a "Star Trek" event back in the mid-1970s, when we were both teenagers. It was hilarious when we realized we met before, after we were already married.

I liked it a lot. While there were several homages to past movies and the TV shows (don't worry, no spoilers here), there were also plenty of action scenes stuffed between nice touches of human minutes. I also admired the strong female characters this round.
Yeah, Zoe Saldana gets to kick some butt.

My heroines are fierce in their own ways. I've always loved strong female characters and I've felt a need to write them. I never cared for the wishy washy, demure ladies of the early Harlequins that my mom read like one eats popcorn. Maybe that was why she blew through them so fast.

One of the first heroines I wrote was Elizabeth, known to family and friends as Lizzy. She is an Indiana State Police officer who got three of her four sisters (the other was too young) out to Las Vegas for the oldest sister's bachelorette party. While on a daring rescue, she meets Will, a medically retired Marine, who is fascinated by her fierceness. They recognize they belong together and end up married. Elizabeth doesn't give up herself, she has to find out "how to rock this gig without losing myself."

I've seen some pictures of Rachel Weisz and Terry Ferrell that kind of remind me of Elizabeth. Here are two:
Her Chinese horoscope sign in a Dragon and I found this as a gift for her:
She does have several weaknesses, one being a fear of spiders:
A reasonable reaction. But, yes, she is fierce.
Her next younger sister, Mary Margaret, not so much. Oh, she comes into her own in my second series of books, but she is a self-admitted scardy cat.
She grows into her own, moving to Japan for four months, falling in love with Will's younger brother and finding herself as:
She's worried she will die a virgin, because:
She loves her garden. She loves her books.
And here are a couple of pictures of what she would look like:
Yes, Audrey Hepburn and Kiera Knightly. Here's an early jewelry gift for her:

Oh and she loves Hello Kitty and gaming:
For all you Halo players out there.

So, hope you enjoyed meeting two of my ladies. I have large character files. Do you do the same for your characters?