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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Memorial Day Desserts

I always thought it was weird saying "Happy Memorial Day." I spent several late May days on the Wabash River Bridge and various cemeteries with the Job's Daughters, singing "Nearer My God to Thee."
This was a Masonic organization I belonged to in my teens. The DeMolay (boy's equivalent organization) would have someone play "Taps" and a woman from the VFW Auxiliary would throw a wreath off the bridge. After all:

My buddy, Mark Lipinski, recommended a lovely blog:

From Death to Ice Cream: Ideas for Fully Celebrating Memorial Day

Megan Cox discusses how to celebrate the dichotomy, letting kids visit a cemetery, go to the town parade and then enjoy the cookout.

One part of the holidays I really love is getting together with family and the food. I've been obsessing recently about desserts. When haven't I been obsessing about sweets?

I love these things and I want to share with everyone:
One of my characters lives for dark chocolate, as do I. Hubby and I were in Hawaii for our 15th wedding anniversary and I had carefully packed some dark chocolate nuggets. My husband saw them and decided he was going to start eating chocolate again. I was distraught. I didn't bring enough to share. He gave up chocolate for a couple of years. I could never do that:

I do try to stay with the dark chocolate and I gave that to one of my characters.
I do have some Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls in my purse. I haven't told my husband.....
I've tried to lose weight again. This made me smile:
I tease my husband about looking at other women's, um, assets. I sneak an admiring look every once in a while too. I may be fixated at this, I admit:
He loves horror movies. I have to admit, I was intrigued by this:
Wouldn't this broken glass cupcake be fun for Halloween?
I have some stationery with this on it:
This isn't exactly chocolate, but isn't this cool?
I have a package with two boxes of brownie mix that I got because they promised that for each sale, the company would contribute to the USO. Well and because they are brownie mixes....
Be cool and try not to drool over this one:
I don't know. It's almost too much. Almost.
One of my characters goes to Japan and I'm fascinated by their odd food options.

This display is of all the different Kit Kat flavor options.
Okay, enough talking about it. I'm going in to dig through my secret stash and get something sweet!

Have a good and peaceful Memorial Day--appreciate the sacrifices of those who went before and those you have with you now. And go get some chocolate!