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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Gratitude Edition First Installment

Coming up on Thanksgiving, I needed to get a few things down in a gratitude journal. It had been a few years since I put a bunch of pages in one of my blank books. So, here are some things to share.
1. Just got a call from my sister in law and my brother will have to have some surgery later in the next year. I'm grateful for my brother and his family and I worry. This made me smile:
As I'm his only sister.
2. I'm so very glad this year's elections are over. I hate the divisiveness it caused and I pray everyone will pull together to take care of all the issues that need to be dealt with. I tried to keep this blog and my Facebook page fairly free of politics. This is all I'm going to say:
What a great ad campaign, huh?
3. I love word play, writing and I even love editing. I have a few friends who are serious about using proper grammar and spelling and I truly respect that. This made me smile too:

Yes, it is important.
4. Friday nights are Girls' Night Out and friends and I have been going out to do things for a very long time. Three of us headed out for lunch and a craft show yesterday afternoon. While this continues the kind of adult theme, it's true:

Can't have enough friends, can you?
5. I have a carved wooden box some friends gave me that I use to keep memories in, until I can get them in the larger storage bin downstairs or organize. I've had a wonderful life and I'm grateful for the pictures, program books, invitations, etc., that make me smile. But:
Keep moving forward.
6. While I was raised to be a lady, my mother taught me to not be afraid to strategically use a curse word. So, here's another thing that sounds funny to be glad for, but sometimes we need "that kind of day" to make the rest of your life feel great:
I just pray they don't hit that often.
7. Earlier in the year, my buddy Pam Asberry went to the Magnolias and Moonlight conference and got me an autographed book from one of my favorite authors. This was a huge thing, as I have been collecting autographed books since I worked at a bookstore in the 1980s. This was the book:
So, this gratitude includes books in general, romance and friendship also.
8. I had an unusual childhood, but we had some great adventures. I need to get this button:
It's made me what I am now, so no need to look at the past with regrets.
9. Those past experiences have made me very practical in my perspective on life. I need to get this t-shirt:

Besides, I look good in red.
10. I'm grateful I've been able to lose almost sixty pounds in the past year and keep it off. This shirt made me laugh, though:
11. I do occasionally have what I call "brain farts," but I've learned not to sweat it as much. This is true and made me smile:
12. I'm also grateful for the space program and all the wonderful science it's given us:
There's the first installment of my gratitude list. More later, I promise. Everybody have a great week--I'm grateful for all of you!