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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Sundries--It's a Sign!

Was looking through a bunch of files of things I'd found on Facebook and Pinterest and found a folder I'd labeled "Signs" that made me laugh. Here's the latest addition:

The next one is, I think, not quite what the creator (or Creator) meant:
This one appealed to my inner geek:
No, I never did use that year of college-level calculus. As my brother said, "If you're so smart, say something in calculus."
This kind of freaked me out, but still made me laugh:
They think they can slap a pair of glasses on a girl....

This one I just don't know:

I don't remember watching the Bob Ross PBS show, but this made me smile:

Please remember this next time you're tempted to ask someone for free help:
I don't go to a church, but it's not for this reason--
Good point.
I've seen this one at the local Jimmy John's sandwich shop:
Talking about food places:
Sorry, think I'm heading down to Mickey D's. I liked this one too:
Finally--wait--have I posted this one before?
Some laughs for this Sunday--hope you all have a great week! I promise, I'm almost finished with my Work In Progress and will have something of more a literary bent next time.