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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Wassup?

While I haven't gotten any writing on my main Work In Progress done, I did write four major scenes on four other books. Don't worry, it's my goal for July, as I'm almost finished with WIP.

My petite physical therapist kicked my butt this week, but I'm getting twenty percent more range of motion in my right shoulder and arm.

My husband did dishes earlier in the week because of my injury and I swear I almost cried in relief. I did some more yesterday. I set up my big slow cooker full of spaghetti sauce:
Yeah, it's the retro olive green. Don't judge. It still works fine. Aren't the liners a great idea? It will be ready when I get home to eat on all week. Yum!

One of the things I put in was this:
1. I like lots of garlic flavor in my sauce and I didn't have any fresh.
2. This was in my pantry and it would have to do.
3.  I remembered a picture of my bedroom as a teenager. I had a Confederate flag on my wall. While I'd "studied" The Civil War, I didn't think of the implication or meaning. It was simply something cool to put on my wall. I suppose if I decided to run for Congress in the future (my husband has instructions to buy a gun and shoot me if I do, by the way), someone might bring it up, but you know what I'd say? IF YOU ARE GOING TO JUDGE ME ON SOMETHING I DID OR SAID THIRTY PLUS YEARS AGO, THERE WOULDN'T BE ANYONE ON TV OR IN POLITICAL OFFICE. Walmart and Target pulled her products. I don't think they should have. She wall rise above and make even more money. Look at the guy on "Restaurant: Impossible" who lied on his credentials? They fired him, then brought him back and gave him even more endorsement deals.

My husband hijacked my personal Facebook account and left a political rant on a mutual friend's board. He identified himself, but said friend took it personally. I didn't apologize for my husband, as that's not my job. I did say that if hubby didn't respect our friend, he would have just flamed him instead of doing a little research and posting a carefully crafted argument. This friend is radically conservative in some things and I have to hide some of his posts, as I'm sure he hides some of mine. But, reminder to all, our pages are our pages. Y'all play nice. And don't let your husband/friend/parent post under your name or you might have to make peace.

Some other stuff I got this week:
These are the little drink tabs you put in water and I love them. Of course, they're discontinued at the stores, but I found them at Big Lots and bought about a dozen boxes. They use granulated honey for sweetness rather than the artificial sweeteners.

Another Big Lots find and almost addiction. Again, don't judge.

Dear liberal honey and I have been watching our DVDs of this show again:

Yes, we've been through the shootings and the Thanksgiving episode. We've laughed, we've cried and we've realized how much we love good writing and acting.

We saw the first episode of "The Dome" the other day. Hope it lives up to its potential.

Got a shipment from Better World Books the other day:

The Marion Chesney was not in there, it was one I got from the reading room at work, but the others are ones on my teetering To Be Read pile. The Cynster series by Stephanie Laurens started me reading romance again and I'd read the Eloisa James series on my Kindle from the library, but wanted the hard copy. Here's another one I got that looked fun:
Yes, I am a total geek fangirl.

I got a bunch more needlework projects sorted through and put away and I'm ready to start reassembling my craft closet so I can have better access to things I want to use more often. Here's another piece I knew I'd never finish:
It was on a backed material that was difficult to stitch. If I ever restart it, I have some lovely deep blue hardanger I would use. Rest in Peace, Mr. Moon.

Finally, one of those face palm ideas--why didn't I think of this?
Duh, but admit it, if you've got a ceiling fan, you'll consider getting this, right?

So, it's been a productive week, in some ways. Will try to be even more productive next. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of my world and see you again soon!