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Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Busy Week Edition

What a great week! I took some time off, I had a birthday and we got to go out of town for a few days to visit some friends. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes!

By the way, I didn't give anything up for Lent. It's the minor fact that I'm not Catholic.
Not really. In fact, I did some good writing late at night. I cleaned up a couple of scenes I needed to and was a little more disciplined in getting done the editing that was necessary. Have you noticed:

By breaking the cycle, I was able to get inspired to get stuff done. There were a half dozen times the whole long weekend when I felt like:
So, instead of being discouraged that I wasn't out being crazy with my friends, I was excited because I was getting some writing done, handling scenes I wanted to get down and edit.

I also had a friend that brought a bunch of cross-stitch magazines she wanted to get rid of for me to look through. In the second one, I found the cutest pattern for a "family" of robots that I would love to do. It may get me cross-stitching again. I do want to do a little work on my Hawaiian quilt sampler:

I really consider my "year" from birthday to birthday, so I'm going to try to get back to stitching.

Part of my work over the weekend was to order framing for a piece of needlework I have. Several (more than five) years ago, for the Christmas gift exchange, the person who had my name had their significant other crochet out our (yes, my "real") name. I was thrilled--it was something I couldn't do.
 That's another goal, to get another piece framed later in the year and get a couple of others displayed. Yes, while keeping up with beading projects too. It will have to cut into my Jewel Quest III time.

I did some virtual organizing too. I helped a friend back up the stuff he had on his micro SD card in his phone, so he could delete it. He watches our cats when we're gone and has taken some great pictures. This is one of Boris:
Love his tabby face. I also sorted through a bunch more stuff that I'd saved off Pinterest and Facebook. Here are a couple of my "finds":

So, may this continued round of productivity last, with my plans to get and keep organized in multiple aspects of my life. Join me next week to see if we can keep this streak going!