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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Gratitude Redux

Ah, so grateful you made it back for another week of Sunday Sundries! Hope your Thanksgiving and weekend after was super and that you still fit into your jeans....

Alas, I had an injury at work on Thanksgiving day, so I spent the next two days sleeping and recovering.
Boris actually got up on my lap and slept with me a couple times and Natasha wanted to be right up next to me. I'm feeling better now, thank you.
Two more things I'm exceedingly grateful for:

Found this just the other day:
I'm very grateful for libraries, physical and digital.
This is an unfortunate choice of fonts--I'm grateful for laughter and I love Christmas ornaments, though we haven't put up a tree in years:
I mentioned my kitties--Natasha's meowing at me right now, because she can't sit beside me when I'm in the office chair. I'm very grateful for all the pets I've had in my life:
Isn't she sweet?
I've been going through a ton (literally) of my needlework patterns, honestly assessing if I'll every do them and getting a box ready to go to a resale service. I might have to do this one, though...

I am so grateful for the fictional world I have created and my main goal is to finish the first book by the end of the year to get ready to share it with others. This made me smile:

This one was shared by my father-in-law during the election hoopla. I'm grateful for my family:

I'm grateful very much for the books I have on shelves, in boxes and in my Kindle:
I am grateful beyond words at my husband of almost 25 years. He truly:
Finally, I am grateful for all of you out there, who have taught me, encouraged me and listened.

Love to all--be back next week. Keep writing!