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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Yeah, I Said It Edition

You know, I was feeling sorry for myself a little this week. My husband is on a driving restriction, so I have to take him to and from work and negotiate on our days off a little more than usual. There have been some illnesses with family members, including my brother who is out in Virginia and we may have to make a trip out there with, you guessed it, me doing all the driving. At work, there has been some grumbling because we will be changing our schedules for the next couple of months. I was relieved that I got to keep the 2nd shift schedule I wanted that is more convenient for my chauffeur duties. Then, my car, The Mighty Purple Saturn, started seriously acting wonky on me and may have to be replaced. And I was dealing with the repercussions of my fall outside of work on Thanksgiving day, dealing with insurance companies and feeling like my I.Q. had dropped about twenty points on some days because of my head injury AND fighting a virus.

Then, I thought, would someone please smack me up side of the head and make me stop feeling sorry for myself? Wait, that's what I did. I smacked myself up side of the head with my fall. All right, then. Let me learn this lesson again:

All in all, it could be a hell of a lot worse on so many levels. Nothing like the earth-shattering stresses I put my characters through, after all and we're in much better shape than so many of my colleagues, friends and family members. So, I go cry in the bathroom for a few minutes, put on my Big Girl Panties and deal with it. According to one of my friends, Mercury is out of retrograde, so the technology drama should be settling down soon. IF the world doesn't come to an end in the next couple of weeks, right?

So, as a function of my Thanksgiving posts and because I'm usually genuinely pretty good natured about life in general, I decided to channel my characters and deal with any residual stress with my sarcastic sense of humor.

After all,
And we always get in trouble when that happens, don't we? Because:
Getting angry and stressed really won't help matters any and it distracts you from getting done what you need to do.
Right? Wish more people would learn that last lesson, huh? And more importantly, why do we keep forgetting this:
While I did enjoy getting to talk with an aunt I hadn't heard from in a long while, this needs to be said too:
I have to put things in perspective. After all:
Had to talk a co-worker back from the ledge about the shift bid results. We'll be changing schedules again probably in February anyway. I try to teach this lesson to my characters, but often forget it myself:

I need to remember and you do too:

Did you read the last note on that one? So, yeah, I said it. Shut the hell up and start living that life you want. Start doing the things you really want and need to do to get to where you're going. Use active verbs in your life as well as your fiction, rather than passive.

Are you coming with me or are you going to sit there and whine? Think about it and try to catch up next week, okay? Love ya and you know how I worry, but I've got things to do.