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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Even more music old and new

Okay, after I figured out Rhapsody, I got to deal with eMusic. I had a bazillion little gift cards for free music from flash drives I'd purchased, but when I tried to use one, I got stopped. It was finally determined I'd signed up for a free trial in 2007, but didn't use it because at that time, they didn't have anything I wanted. After a half dozen emails, which I printed out (respect my paranoia!), I finally got them to say they'd credit my account for $17.50, IF I would sign on again. One more email where they said oops, we forgot to tell the computer it was okay for you to use the same credit card number and I still had to call customer service.

Long story short, the emails disappeared (were recalled) and suddenly, it was if I "bought" the $11.99 month, they'd "give" me the next month free on June 22nd. Really freaking weird, but I cut my losses, because I didn't want to $#%& with it any more.

So, wanna hear what I got?  These are the YouTube links:

Because, baby, I was BORN this way! More tunes to listen to while writing. What are your favorites?


  1. I can't listen to music when I write - it distracts me - but you've got some great stuff here. Donny Osmond, eh? I hadn't thought to look for David Cassidy on iTunes. Off I go...

  2. I suppose it would be different if I were a professional musician and was trained to actually listen to music. *David Cassidy* Hilarious! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. *waves* Hello new here!

    Why hello there Pam!

    And me neither I need total cemetery level quiet to write although I do put on headphones sometimes so people thinks I'm listening to music and don't bother me. But the headphones is just a prop for the ruse.

  4. Hi, Sophie! Thanks for stopping by and believe me, whatever works for you is good. I have to admit, I get distracted by the TV, if I'm trying to write in the living room or by a particularly good song. I have started to use particular songs to get up and move a bit, otherwise I tend to "lock up" from sitting too long. Have a great week!

  5. Julee, music can help to set you in the mood for writing if you pick songs that go well the storyline in your book. I write a novel set in China and listen to many Chinese songs while writing. You can just listen to a song to set you in the mood and then start writing when the song is over. Best wishes from Canada.

  6. Giora--I certainly agree--one of my characters is a professional musician too. I listen to music I have in a "fiction" folder: this song was played at that character's wedding, another performed on a karaoke night, etc. I love it when I find a new song or performance and I think, "That is so XXXX." Thanks for stopping by and rock on!

  7. Thanks Julee. Does your musician in the novel play famous songs and you mention their names in the book? My book mentions over 30 famous Chinese songs (I listened to over 200 of them, and picked the ones that I liked). Does your novel musician write his or her original song? If not, you might want to create an original song for him or her, which can be co-promoted with your book.

  8. Yes to all--my hero used to be in a *sigh* boy band. I've written a few lyrics down for some original songs and there are several instances of the couple performing for different weddings, concerts, veterans' events, etc. I'm careful not to mention any lyrics, because I know that's a rights problem. Is that an issue when you mention an English translation?

    Part of my second novel in the series takes place in Japan, so I've done some research on trends there. On the Chinese songs you chose, did you find you liked them more because they appealed to your Western ear? Very interesting and thanks for stopping by.

  9. I put the lyriucs for 3 famous Chinese songs in my book. The lyrics are available for all on the intyernet for free, so I,m not sure if there's a rights problem.
    Did you get the firtst book published? I read that you write for 20 years now. If the second book is mainly in Japan you might want to contact
    I go there every week and they bring people rto talk about Japanese culture and they might invite you or help you. The best Japanese song is "Sukiyaki" but there are mnay wonderful modern songs.
    I don't believe in "western ear". Chinese and Japanese pop songs are similar wto western ones. For one of the best Chinese pop song, listen on YouTube to
    "Teresa Teng, the moon represents my heart"