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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yet Another Learning Experience

Over the past few weeks, I've been working with Rhapsody and eMusic to try to buy some songs I haven't been able to get individually, either by buying the CD or at the library. I had a bunch of eMusic coupons from different flash drives purchased and I bought a $10 Rhapsody gift card for $7.50 at Big Lots the other day. I have my music list sorted and printed out, so I tackled Rhapsody today.

The website isn't really user friendly for those of us who weren't born with a mouse in our hands. To be honest, my first computer class was over thirty years ago (I'm *cough* old!), but years of teaching skills for a previous job, I've got some game. Our HP we got late last year had the software installed, though there were no instructions that you had to go to a separate log in to enter your credit card information and the gift card number. "Peggy" from tech support was very helpful and I only had to ask him to repeat a few things.

In my efforts to try to get things correct, I didn't take advantage of the "listen free for 30 seconds" deal and paid/downloaded a live version of "Couldn't Get It Right" by Climax Blues Band. It wasn't heinous, like Head East's "Never Been Any Reason" I bought in error last year (really, there are times retro bands should NOT go on tour), but still it pissed me off. Won't be doing that again, right? And I got two versions of "Firework" by Katy Perry, one "unedited." Can't tell the difference, but there you go.

So, some old, some new, some country, some, well, blue. Let's see if these YouTube links work--I think you have to hit Ctrl+Enter or it will give you the link to cut and paste. Let me know. And let me know what you think of my diverse interests.  Pretty good for an old fart, huh?  Next time, eMusic!  Gretchen Wilson “Here for the Party”


  1. Also, Rhapsody didn't have a way to print a receipt. I took a screen shot, but it kind of honked me off. Will use again, though.

  2. Could Not Ask for More - Edwin McCain - hands down my favorite song EVER. That's actually my "Elizabeth" song - played it while I was in labor with her because it was how I felt about her. Made Brad turn it off because the song made me cry and I knew if I started crying I'd never stop. :) {sigh} Andy Gibb. I could totally borrow your iPod! LOL

  3. Could Not Ask is one of my favorites too and I'm using it as a wedding song in one of my novels--thanks for giving me the memory about Elizabeth! I have almost 1,000 songs as MP3 files on different flash drives. Chris and I have over 600 CDs and I've borrowed some things from the library too. I have a geek list of wants and was glad to have these. Anyone want an eMusic coupon? Lemme know. And Rhapsody has a way to print a receipt, though I couldn't get to it on the link they sent. Gina, let me know if you are missing a particular song or 12 and I'll check the list.