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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Movies we watch at least part of every time they're on, part 1

Okay, there are some movies that every time they are on, we have to watch. Maybe not the whole thing, but definitely some of the scenes. These are the ones that recently have been obsessions of my husband and me. Please list yours in the comments section! I've given the link to wikipedia, then Internet Movie Database, then the movie or DVD cover for each. Discuss our perversion amongst yourselves.....Nah, go ahead and put in the comments!

 We especially love (Chris just turned up the volume) the "Granny Panties" scene and the scene at the high school reunion with Brendon Frasier and Justin Long. 'Nuff said. Oh and the scene where they're making the porno in the coffee shop and forget to lock the door. And watch at the end of the credits (Jermaine Stewart's "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" is a fave), when they have the painfully hilarious ad for their new services.

 "What's up, my nerds?" Basically, a road trip movie with too many great cameos and "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" references to name here. We seem to watch the scenes in Vegas and at George Lucas's ranch every time. Oh and the encounter with Jay and Silent Bob at the gas station. Noted for THREE Seth Rogan cameos. I KNOW these people.
Man, we know this guy too, at home with his action figures, painting his wargame miniatures and dealing with the weirdo coworkers at the electronics store. This one has Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks as secondary characters (Zack and Miri oh and the owner of the coffee shop where they work is hilarious in this one too), along with Jane Lynch ("Glee") and Paul Rudd ("Role Models" "Knocked Up" and a major crush of mine). The scene with the condoms and the "How do I know you're gay" scene are two that immediately come to mind.

Okay, this does not have Seth Rogan in it. It does have Brad Pitt. Does that count? And it's not really a comedy, though there are a few moments that will make the sick $%#@s like us laugh. Christoph Waltz puts in an amazing performance and we felt deserved his Best Supporting Academy Award. We love the subtle horror as the movie theater owner realizes she is sitting next to the Nazi officer who killed her family, Pitt as he tries to get the Nazi soldier to tell him where the cannons are, the alternate history barbecue of the High Command and the final scene in the forest. 

As Chris said, "Only four?" What are your must watch scenes and/or movies?

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  1. I love Zack and Miri, too! Other favorites are Clerks, As Good As It Gets, American Beauty, and The Hangover. When I need a pick-me-up, I watch The Englishmen Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain. And one of my favorite chick flicks is The Holiday. It makes me want to trade houses with somebody and meet a handsome European guy!