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Monday, June 6, 2011

This is your brain on antibiotics

Okay, in the past couple of weeks, I've made some colossal blunders. I'm blaming the second round of Minocycline from my ear/nose/throat doctor. To be fair, if I survive this and it works properly, I won't have to have surgery on my upper sinuses, which appear to keep re-infecting me. Doesn't mean I have to like it or its affect on my life and my writing.

Among the clusterf@cks:

1. I missed my dentist's appointment this morning, despite having the reminder notice taped to my door and the reminder phone call. I know exactly why and I told the receptionist after I apologized and rescheduled--I was convinced it was on Tuesday, not Monday. *sigh* Again, Dr. Bath and the staff, please accept my humble apologies and I WILL see you tomorrow at 11am. (Watch Julee as she quadruple checks where she wrote it on the note, remembering she also has to swap cars at the mechanic's.)

2. I got mixed up between my Maggie Award entry (Georgia Romance Writers contest) which is due this week and the stuff I sent for the Molly Award entry a few months back.
        a. Well, the first entry, I attached a screenshot of the PayPal receipt for the payment, but I'd saved it as an rtf file and it was too big, so it wouldn't send.
        b. The second entry, I sent to the address for the Molly Award coordinator at like 3am, after too little sleep. Again, please accept my humble apologies and thank you for letting me know so I could send it correctly before the deadline. (Watch Julee as she quadruple checks the Sent Mail file for my Gmail account.)

3. I risked my unemployment payments by posting on the State job search website that I was currently self-employed as a writer, member of Romance Writers of America, working on several manuscripts, entering contests, etc.
        a. I did this because several employers in our area WILL NOT consider your application if you are currently unemployed. They do this by requiring you to input your current work phone number (I put my cell phone number) before you continue with the application process and by setting their searches to look at dates of employment.
        b. I told the truth to the woman from the Unemployment Office that I have not sent to an agent or editor, I am still in the writing/editing stage and so I am not really self-employed, but had to put something down to even have my application considered. She sounded sympathetic, though repeated that I should not do that. (Watch Julee as she edits her resume for the fourth time to make her writing sound like an outside activity. *sigh*)

So, if you notice I'm posting a few too many cute kitty pictures on Facebook or I don't respond right away to an email or post, please smack me upside of the head, virtually or physically, because I'm probably distracted by the bright, shiny objects in my stoopid antibiotic brain. I always joked the meds lowered my IQ by at least 20-30 points. Good thing I normally qualify for Mensa. Please accept my humble apologies. I should regain my normal mind in approximately eight to nine days. Unless, I have to take another round for surgery......


  1. Anyone spot the typo? Forgive me if I don't correct it, because that would require me going back in for the fifth time.

    *sigh* Sorry.

  2. Yes, I see the typo. I will forgive you as you have forgiven all of mine. I hope you feel better SOON!

  3. Feel better soon. :) I should send you some of the essay exams from my students. Now they have some typos!


  4. Thanks, muchly, guys. I feel a little better today, but realized I am due for another dose and just ate something. Supposed to take the capsules on an empty stomach. Ah, well. Take care!