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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Sundries--From the Department of Odd and Useless Information

Okay, I can't be serious here, because I need to get my chuckles on before I do some serious work! I've been bad lately, not keeping up with my writing schedule and playing waaaay too much Jewel Quest III. So, please join me in agreeing that sometimes, this is what we need:
Are you with me? One of the things I've been doing is going through the tons of magazines I've gotten over the last year (literally!) and marking things of interest with sticky notes. Rather than writing notes into my notebook, then having to type them into the computer later (assuming I can read them), I've been scanning things in as jpeg files and dropping them in the appropriate folder in my computer. This one is in the Photos for blogs file:

I've enlarged it for you to enjoy also. I've found all sorts of things--models who look like my characters, rooms for my characters' houses, gardening tips, military stories for my characters who are veterans, child rearing tips and tons of great recipes.
So, despite not getting stuff down, I find I'm not sleeping as I should again. Bad Julee!!! But, others are sharing my problem and I found this on someone's Facebook page:
Doesn't that strike a little too close to home? Love it.
Being a serious fangirl, I tend to love cartoons and pictures involving "Star Trek" or "Star Wars." I'd seen this one before, but it makes me smile:

And of course the other one from the Epic Fail site:

My other major love is cats and I have a huge file from the LOLCats site. This one made me laugh out loud because the subject looks like The Late Great Amazing Tail-less Wonder, my Sky Kitty:

Here's hoping we don't see whatever the memes saw! Please post or follow if you like and feel free to share on my Facebook page. Have a super week!


  1. Julee, It's tempting to agree with the first graphic on the basis of writer sorority, but I just can't. I love to write, think it's a privilege to write for publication, and the worst month of writing is better than an average day in child welfare court (where, thank ye gods, we do have the occasional good day too).

    All that stuff you do--scrapbooking and collaging and browsing--I think that contributes to the writing too. Violence, even the threat of violence, doesn't work for me, particularly not in the context of a creative process.

  2. Awsome. Thanks for posting. Love you Bro.

  3. Hey, Julee, I consider all that internet surfing "research." It looks like you have gathered some great inspiration for your writing. Now, get to work!!! ;-)

  4. Thanks, all!
    Grace, you are absolutely right and that's why I prefaced the cartoon by saying I couldn't be serious. I've been blessed to have over a year to write and grow, but I haven't been as productive as I should have been. *sigh* I'm sure with your "real life" work, even a joking threat of violence might hit a sensitive note. Sorry.
    Bro--you haz it. Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes, Pam--I need to GET TO WORK!!! Off to do so now.
    Have a great week y'all!