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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Various and Sundry for Sunday and a Happy Surprise!

I have a huge file on one of my flash drives with ideas and photos I've found that would be cool to share, so I thought I'd give you just a taste of my warped mind.
First, some advice from the awesome Toni Morrison:

Then from, a frightening view of a possible future:

Sorry, I don't remember where I got this one and I didn't label it, but I like it a lot:

Finally, from, one of many little sticky note pictures they post all around the world:

Finally, please share my excitement with my happy surprise!

Julee J. Adams is getting a Kindle!

Everybody say, W0000T!!!!!!

Even better, I won it by having a good time. Minnette Meador is a author I've been following on Facebook these past few months and she just informed me I was the winner of the Grand Prize of her blog tour to promote her latest book, The Gladiator Prince. I have learned so much by following her on the blog tour about promotion, brand-building, hunky gladiators and Celtic/Roman history. How very cool is that?

Link to Minnette's Facebook page (please stop by and Like her):

Link to Minnette's author blog, where you can read excerpts from her various books (please stop by and Follow by GFC):

The link to her books on Amazon (please stop by and buy--she also has an epic science fiction series, if that's more your thing):

While I still live for my books from trees, I look forward to having an eReader for traveling and just because I'm a gadget kind of gal. While two of my friends have that other kind of eReader, I already have sixteen books on my desktop Kindle file. Thanks so much, Minnette! May your books soar to the top of all the lists! How do you like being linked in a post with Toni Morrison?

And may you all have a super week!


  1. Julee, CONGRATULATIONS on your big win! I love love love my Kindle - my brother gave it to me for Christmas - and I know you will love yours too. Thanks for sharing all the funny little notes. Too cute!

  2. You are so welcome, Julee! You've been a good friend over the past few months and I'm so excited for you. I know you love your paper books, but I promise, once you've used the Kindle, you'll love it every bit as much. I got mine in December and haven't read a paper book since! Scary!! Anyway, congrats again, Julee. You deserve it. M:o)

  3. Thanks, Pam and again, Minnette! Now I did go ahead and buy Suzanne Enoch's latest paperback today, because old habits die hard, but there's a lot of great author backstock coming out on Amazon that WILL BE MINE!!!!

    Love you guys!