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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday Sundries--Stuff to Share

Missed getting this one out on Election Day. Hope you went out to vote. Remember, even if they are weasels, once elected, they're OUR weasels.

Punctuation is powerful! That gender thing is real.
Too sad, but true. Ladies, he's not going to be perfect. We need to remember that when writing our fiction too. Need to mess with our heroes (and heroines) a little bit or they get irritating.
Having finished my first library book on my Kindle (DUCHESS IN LOVE by Eloisa James), this is kind of ironic, don't you think? I will always have "traditional" books. I will always love them and cherish them.
This is just too true--I get that look from Boris and Natasha all the time.

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! How ya wan' yer eggs, matey?
Have a super week!


  1. Oh I want bacon and eggs with toast so bad, I do try to limit though. Election(?) you know K refuses to take me to DMV.

  2. Cute! As you might guess, I relate most strongly to the woman sitting on the park bench. ;-) Hope you are having a great weekend!