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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Hanging on Edition!

So, here's my Sunday inspiration:
"We often make the mistake of thinking that if we hurry we will be at our future sooner, but it only causes us to lose the present."–Joyce Meyers
How true is that? I find comfort in certain things--my family, my friends, my cats, having good food and comfortable things around me and especially my books. I had a friend who lost everything in a house fire last week, a cousin just a few years older than me die and between that and the two tornado warnings, it really put my thoughts in perspective. 
I not only need to get my self in gear, I need to start getting stuff DONE. I've written some great scenes in my notebooks, but they need to get into the computer. I need to get writing and craft stuff organized so I can find what I do have. AND I need to get a new routine when I find out my new work schedule in a few weeks, so I can stay healthy and sane. Sounds like Spring Fever, doesn't it?

Seriously, folks. It's not that hard, is it? 
 And we shouldn't worry if we have faith. Too bad I'm really good at worrying!
 Because this is true:
 And so is this:
 And unfortunately, so is this:
 What have we learned from this?
 I feel like this most days.
 But then I have a friend or a co-worker that helps me out and says:
 Oh, no. Not Another Learning Experience. But things will be OK, because:
 Have a great, safe week, everyone!


  1. Great post, Julee! Give yourself a break; it takes time to learn a new job and figure out a way to work in all your hobbies around it. I have no doubt that you will find a way to do it all. In the meantime, do something nice for yourself, and maybe steal just a few minutes every day to do something that feeds your soul. I will do the same! (((HUGS)))

  2. Well darn, I thought I will be rirst. In your preamble/line 3 said a 'cousin died', WHO??. But, between job, house, writeing and other dutys, don't forget to hug/other stuff Chris. Love you.

  3. Julie, I wrote virtually nuffink until I was in my late forties, and then twenty books came barreling out of the gate one right after another, a half dozen a year or MORE. I couldn't do that until I had a couple people working for me, Beloved Offspring living away from home, and a fairly secure source of non-writing income.

    The point being, you'll get there. Sometimes a fit of spring fever is the boost you need, but sometimes, you just have to wait for the stars to line up. And then.... Katy bar the door!

  4. Love to all--thanks, guys! Just exactly what I needed.