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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Another Time-Consuming Hobby

Here's a bowl of kitty for this fine Sunday. He's so cute.

I had a weird week. While things are getting better at work, I had a minor health crisis that involves me going to a specialist next week. So, here's hoping it's a false alarm, because April 30th is our 24th wedding anniversary and I have a four day weekend with my honey to celebrate!

It is! But let's get back to the kittehs:

Doin' the nip. That would so be my Natasha. She could easily become a nip head if I let her.

But, here's a truth:
Funny. Love kitty in a box, because they seem to think it was made for them.

Me, on the other hand, I've threatened if my hubby dies before me...

This is me on most nights:

Man, once I get the bra off, I'm done. Nothing personal, though, OK?

This is very much both of my stripey twins. Our Late Great Sky Kitty loved chasing them too and I like to think he's saying, "Hi!" to us whenever one comes buzzing around.

Also, in my files, I have:

Because I've been collecting tons of things off Pinterest. Well, and finding pictures of my latest obsession, Ian Somerhalder. See what I mean:

He was on "Lost" and is now on "Vampire Diaries." Tasty and I'm in denial that he's young enough to be my son.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Everybody have a super week! If I'm late posting next weekend, you know I haven't forgotten you, I'm just off with my honey, OK?


  1. A good one agian. Your saying 'planing putting you sweats on and cleaning you VCR/TVO/DVR' is laudable. Ours died. Start to watch a recoarded show, twenty or so and it shuts off. Pissis me off. Oh, K and Cindy arrived Fri. K up to her old zaniness. C getting a job/ doing some school work etal.
    Will pray for you all-so.
    Love you, Big Bro

  2. Darn right,your a limited addition!