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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Belated Book Edition

Life's started getting weird again. One thing I've missed recently is reading. I grew up in a library. I say that because my mom worked in the library in our small town and so many of my childhood memories revolved around books.

We have over fifty boxes of books in the basement and my husband has built tons of bookcases in our house. This is true:
It's been a while since I've fallen asleep with a book and I miss it.

But, despite my not reading much lately, it hasn't stopped me from continuing to buy books.

I used to run a bookstore and volunteered myself at a library, so this reassures me.

I thought often of my Mom yesterday and one of the greatest gifts was that she read to me and provided me with books.

This is so true--got it from Julia Quinn.

 This made me smile. I have a ton of book bags, too.

 I have a ton of bookmarks, too. This one is a truth.

This is a truth--I'm so lucky I found one:
He shares my love of books and for our anniversary, we went out of town to a bookstore and spent several hours browsing the shelves and tables.

So, everybody have a great week--how about this for a true face book?