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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Sundries--A Pocketful of Cat

The stripey twins, Boris and Natasha (named so because they're evil), are coming up on thirteen years old. In honor of the joy of having them in our lives, here are some silly kitty pics:

Natasha and Boris--I came into the room yesterday and they were laying together. Boris jumped down, embarrassed he got caught loving on his sister.

Don't you hate it when a cat suddenly looks up and runs out of the room scared to death? What do they see?
Hubby is a technical director for the news shows at a local TV station and has been working overtime this week. Sometimes, it's like directing cats.
Yeah, it never gets old, does it?

Black cats are different, aren't they? Love them lots.

Too cute!
Even though they're senior citizens in cat years, they still love to play with their ball in a track toy. At 3 a.m. And Natasha knocked the towel in the bathroom down on the floor, trying to get at the string that was hanging down from it.
A niece came over to visit and the twins disappeared. She was so disappointed, but I had to explain that they really were too old to like to play or be picked up. They would not like a baby.

Yeah, that's pretty much the cattitude. And finally,

Gotta love a stripey kitteh pile. Everybody have a great week and get plenty of rest!

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  1. Good one, sis. Happy Birthday Stripey twins.