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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Wedding Edition

Saturday was a great day for a wedding! The bride was lovely, the groom handsome and the setting beautiful.
The minister did a fine job too. But, as the wedding started, we heard something that was amazing. In the distance, I heard a train whistle. My father and my uncle were railroaders and with the sound, I had the feeling that they were at the wedding, even though they weren't there physically.

I truly believe life gives us what we need when we need it. I have always gotten a little depressed this time of year, so I was grateful for this opportunity to help celebrate this happy event. The little sign of the sound cue made me cry, but they were happy tears.

While the bride didn't have this as her bouquet, her color were peacock colors and she had calla lilies as her flowers. I saw this and it made me smile:

In my first series of novels, we have two weddings. Will and Elizabeth get married in jeans at the hospital chapel in Las Vegas, then renew their vows Saturday during the wedding of her oldest sister. I wanted to show how a wedding, even one very basic and simple, can be exactly right for a couple. After all:

Elizabeth's next youngest sister, Mary Margaret, meets and falls in love with Will's brother Rob after  the big wedding on Saturday.  She was so embarrassed because her father had asked if she would consider eloping, rather than having a big wedding and Rob was still listening. My dad offered to pay for me to elope twenty-four years ago, but was grateful for the down-scaled celebration I planned.

Not that I have anything against a big wedding, but with our smaller budget, we had enough money for a down payment for a house. Both the marriage and the house have endured. Take that, Kim Kardasian.

For our twenty-fifth, we're considering renewing our vows with a beach wedding. During our recent vacation in Florida, we saw one and snapped a picture of the happy couple:
It was great to see the family and friends celebrating on the beach and at the hotel afterward.

After living with my characters for over six years, I realized yesterday that I had a problem with Rob and Mary Margaret's wedding. You see, it had to be pushed up to Monday from Saturday. But, it takes place in Indianapolis and Indiana has a twenty-four hour waiting period after the marriage license. I had to make the decision if they would postpone it to Tuesday or if they would have to get married a second time the next day or when they made it to Australia for their honeymoon. Can't make it too easy for them, right?

For their reception, though, I have some of their favorite foods. Think a vegetarian feast for Thanksgiving, with a large tray of cinnamon rolls and two large lemon cheesecakes instead of a traditional cake. How about these I found on Pintrest:

Brilliant, huh? On that website, I'm seeing so many fabulous cakes, wedding and otherwise. I've been fascinated by beautifully decorated cakes for years and here's one that would definitely be for some celebration, since Mary Margaret is quite the gardener:
And here's one for Rob, who is obsessed with the New York Yankees:

We were talking about weddings at work and one of the twenty somethings said he wanted a Batman cake topper, if and when he got married. This would be perfect:

But this has to be one of my favorites for a "groom's" cake:
Freaking hilarious! So, whatever you plan for your wedding, it will be perfect for you. And at the end of the day, two families and two lives will be united. This is another thing I love for weddings:
I love love, don't you? So thanks for stopping by and have a great week all!

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