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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Sundries--November Already?!

Can you believe it's November already? Can you believe the election will be Tuesday?

 My husband works for a TV station and lives to argue with the TV, newspapers and magazines. Me, not so much. But, come Tuesday, I will be proud to post this:

And I hope you will too. I have to admit, I've hidden many hateful, wrong posts. I really wanted to do this:

I'll be glad to get back to cute kitties and handsome men. Speaking of:
It's true--you may bask in my fabulousness. Here's some eye candy:
Hugh Jackman in "Kate and Leopold." It's one of those movies I've probably seen the whole thing, but not all at one time. I can watch it with the sound off, though and drool.

This was one of my favorite Halloween costumes:
That's right--50 shades of gray. Clever and cute. But, back to the kitties:
OMG--attack mode! This jumping kitty is cuter:

Speaking of running and jumping:
What a good-natured dog, right?
I took today off of work to catch up on some things. I've organized a box of retirement and bank statements into folders, getting a whole bag of recyclables and another pile of stuff to shred. I organized on a flash drive 168 (!) pages of notes I'd transcribed from my notebooks and cleared out a couple of flash drives that were duplicates. I did some grocery shopping, visited a craft fair and I'm making some chili tonight. I've also written a couple of scenes for future stories and made two bracelets. All in all, a good week.
I've been driving a lot. I'm grateful that we're not suffering the gas rationing my friends on the east coast are living with and I hope all of you and yours are safe and warm and dry. But I liked this one:
I am trying to continue on with my mission of service, while doing things I love and want to do, because:
Have a good one--love to all who stop by here. Let me know what you did this week and dammit, go vote!

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