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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Bling Edition

Okay, so I wasted a bunch more time this week. I think God was on to me, because he kept crashing my Jewel Quest III program on the desktop. So, I decided I'd better get to work.

Another time suck today has been Pinterest. I have a board under my "real name" and one under Julee J. Adams [] and spend entirely too much time goofing on both boards. I've been obsessed with jewelry lately. It's my birthday month and I've been wearing amethyst earrings most all the time. I broke down a "Jewelry I love" board into five boards, because I had over 800 pins.

So, I thought I'd talk about some jewelry for my characters. In the first part of the first novel, Mary Margaret lends her hematite band to her sister Lizzy to keep losers away at the bar. It's one of those cheap, magnetic ones like this:
Mary Margaret got it in a gift shop on a family trip. Will jokes with Lizzy that, "It didn't work, did it?" He tosses it out the car window and offers to replace it with a wedding ring. When reminded it wasn't hers, he later buys a little diamond and emerald band for Mary Margaret to wear, "...until my brother replaces it with something more substantial." Like this:
Lizzy's engagement ring is an oval solitaire that's quite substantial. Will jokes about how she should pick out "...something that would be good in a bar fight." I got to go to the Tiffany's in The Forum Shoppes, in Las Vegas (right by the VIP entrance) where Will purchased it for her:
I found this reference online that was helpful:
At the top is a one carat diamond, the second is a two carat and the bottom is a three carat. Lizzy, who starts to go by Elizabeth, is overwhelmed by the selection, but picks what she thinks would be the simplest and thus less expensive ring. Here's a one carat oval in platinum from the Tiffany's "build your ring" site:
Here's one I found on Pinterest that is about right:
Not too shabby for someone who usually wore plain gold ball earrings before.

When her sister, Mary Margaret falls in love and gets engaged in the second series of books, her fiance', Rob (Will's brother), takes the diamond from the earring he used to wear, which was one of his mother's. Here's her ring:

On what is to be her wedding day, Mary Margaret gets another ring to wear that looks something like this:

Mary Margaret gardens and I knew this pendant was something Rob would buy for her at the first opportunity:
She also gets as gifts, later in the series, many flower brooches. Here's an example:
Let's not forget the men. Here is Rob's ruby cufflinks he inherited from his father:

And here is something his brother, Will, who is seriously geeky, would wear:
"Star Trek" delta shield cufflinks.
So, have some fun and think about what type of jewelry your characters would wear! Love to all, see you next week!


  1. Interesting gewgaw but not for me. All my money is stolen from K (as money hits the bank she moves it into Her acount). SO sorry about it, no jewelry from me. Love you. Ed/Hal/Me

  2. OMG! I LOVE this post. And I love the way you have thought through every detail with your characters. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Love you guys!