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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Scruffy Eye Candy Edition

That got your attention, didn't it?

We watched "Argo" last night and since it was set in 1981, I was waxing nostalgic about hair over the collar and porn 'staches. Here's a picture of Ben Afflick from the movie:
Mighty tasty, huh? I also watched "Fashion Police--Oscar Edition" and Joan Rivers berating Afflick and George Clooney for not being clean-shaven made me laugh. Here's George and he's still a beautiful man:
I have to admit, I'm kind of fond of facial hair. My husband was clean-shaven for only a couple of months in the early 1990s and he quickly grew it back. He complained of being too baby-faced. I've put that in my characters too. My hero William gets some cheap reading glasses at the drugstore, because he wants to look a little older to be taken seriously once he shaves. Here are a couple of inspirations for him:
Yes, that's Gregory Peck with a beard and mustache. Here's a favorite of mine of Hugh Jackman:
*sigh* Dear Will is a medically retired Marine. If you'd like some scruff and some meaty eye candy, this is Joe Mangienello from the TV show "True Blood."

Here's one last one, this one of Billy Cruddup:

Will teases his younger brother Rob about looking like "Uncle Jerry. A very pretty Uncle Jerry." Rob has his own issues--he used to be in a boy band. In a world where second and third string wanna be celebrities find boosts to their careers in reality TV, he walked away and has been living almost as a recluse. His growing a beard and mustache is definitely part of his disguise. At Will's suggestion he wears a pair of his father's glasses to distract. So, here are a few inspirations for Rob, the first being a rare picture of Matt Bomer with facial hair:
Here's one of my favorite pieces of eye candy, Ian Somerhalder:

Oh, what the hell, here's another one of him:
Here's another almost pretty man that looks great with a little scruff, Adam Levine:
Like it a lot. Here's another rocker that looks nice with a little scruff, Jared Leto:
Yeah, that's a twofer. Another rocker that reminds me of one of my characters (Carter falls in love with Rob's daughter) is Chris Cornell of Soundgarden:

Here's another one of a model named Fabian Schweiser that reminds me of Carter:
And finally, the ever charming Kris Holden-Reid:
So, I hope you've enjoyed my salute to the joys of men with facial hair. I certainly liked going through my character files and sharing with you. Have a great week and see you next time!

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