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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Sundries--St. Patrick's Day Edition

Don't know why, but I found out pretty early on that my characters had been brought up Catholic. I was not--born and raised Methodist. I did, however, marry a man from a Catholic family and it seems most of my local friends are Catholic.

But, on St. Patrick's Day, not everyone is Catholic, though everyone IS Irish.
Found a picture the other day of the Indianapolis Canal downtown. A lot of it runs between to Marriott hotels I spent a lot of time in when I was traveling for work:
It really is that green, dyed for St. Pat's. It goes away fairly quickly, but it's fun to drink beer out on the patio and watch it on a nice day. The other thing that's green year round is the duck poop, though. Part of my first and second sets of novels take place in that area, but in April and November.

 I've been playing on Pinterest again and created an Easter/St. Pat's/Spring board. I love these vintage cards:
Back when we used to send cards, right?
Have to have the obligatory silly cats:
Had to take the twins to the vet yesterday for their yearly checkups and shots. They were their usual cranky selves, like this pair.

Then, there's this guy:
Ooops. Here's one from a Black Cat Appreciation Page on Facebook:

Went through a bunch of counted cross-stitch patterns on-line and found this one. I would love to do it someday, because I love a lot of things Celtic:

Hey, another big Catholic thing happened this week, didn't it?
We stayed home for a few extra minutes to see the announcement. It's a part of history and an fascinating ritual, isn't it?

 So, it's been an interesting week. I've done a little writing and editing, but not enough. Hope you've had a productive one.

Here's my wishes to you:
Have a great week!

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