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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Sundries—The Odd Week

I know, welcome to my world, huh? 

Truth is, my life has been odd lately. It’s been a series of series, coincidences, feeling overwhelmed and doing my best to play catch up. But mostly:


I did a fair amount of editing on SEVEN DAYS—ROB AND MARY. Had to do a bit of proofreading, because that’s how I roll. I found this one that made me laugh:

This is another I had to look at twice:

It kind of hit close to home because one of my friends is looking for work and frustrated because almost all the jobs require you to apply on-line now. She is suffering from a super slow computer:

I wish I could hire her as an editor/formatter, but alas, that is not her skill set. I need her help setting up an Etsy store, though.

But, my second book is essentially done. I wrote the three scenes that are the bulk of Saturday evening in various notebooks. Just need to get the words from them and in my mind onto the screen. But, Rob and Mary’s voices are so much different from his brother (Will) and her sister (Elizabeth), I re-read the first part of the book to get back in their heads and remind myself of the word choices and styles. 

And I’ve figured out a way to organize notes that works for me. For the past year, I would copy and paste something (recipe, quote, short article, etc.) into a Word document in no particular order. OneNote was frustrating, because when I work on the files on my desktop, I can’t save the changes from the flash drive to the laptop or to the netbook I use while at work. So, I copy and paste into MS Word documents on the specific topics. Food is sorted into Main Courses, Side Dishes, Breakfast, Beverages, etc. I have a file on military notes, a file on parenting, one for jokes, another for quotes and so on. I sorted over two hundred pages of notes last week.

I was told, after a MRI (one of the oddest experiences of my life) that I have “significant damage” to my right shoulder. I’m going in for an evaluation Monday to see if I need surgery or if I can get by with something minimally invasive. 

They were playing an oldies radio station in the headphones, some Foreigner and a Beach Boys song. Of course, my nose started itching and the metal under my right arm got hot enough to actually burn my skin. It was not pleasant. You better bet I'm working it into a novel somewhere.

But the oddest thing is this involved my right shoulder. When I started my novels seven years ago, I gave my hero a major injury in the right shoulder. Payback, huh?

Take care and have a great week!


  1. My right shoulder has a good bit of crepitus, so I am betting yours is not from injury but more from genetics. My right knee sounds like ripping paper when I climb stairs, too. (Always has, really.) Thankfully, it doesn't hurt. In the past six months, though, my TMJD has gone from the occasional pop to shifting my bite and causing all sorts of pain and headaches. Have my six month dental appointment on the 30th where they will figure out what to do to reverse the bite change. On a positive note, my rosacea has improved from making me look like I have leprosy to just being red with a few blotches. My dermatologist has scheduled me for the laser that removes the redness, so I won't look perpetually sunburned. In other words, I feel ya! Always good to read your posts. Love you!

  2. Joanne--sorry we didn't get perfect genetics. Here's hoping we both are doing a little better at the end of the month! Thanks for stopping by and love you too!