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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Sundries--Beginings and Ends

So, I was trying to wean myself off the Big Drug Painkillers. When I mentioned it to the doctor, he told me he certainly did not want me to do this. He wanted me drugged up and sleeping for the next month for the chance to heal.

It significantly reduces my moments of clarity. It means I must take advantage of those I do have. While I can surf Facebook and Pinterest while still fuzzy, I do need a certain bit of sobriety for editing and writing.
While I'm not a mother so I don't have to worry about kids and I need my husband to help me shower, I am fighting all of my instincts to let go to heal.

I  also had to let go of a lot of things around the house. I've never been really good about housecleaning.
Had to make sure I had a clear path through the office to get to the desktop computer. I also have a laptop and a net book and I live for my technology. Since I can't very well jump into the car and go somewhere, it is a chance to stay connected. The cable internet connection was interrupted earlier and I went into a panic.

We got it taken care of, I got all my social media checked and I got some notes organized.

On Facebook, a group I belong to mentioned a woman who was from my childhood--Miss Ruth Lengelsen. She was the librarian in my small hometown. My mom worked there for many years and I grew up in the stacks.
She let me check out books from the adult side of the library, but she had to approve them first. Mom would also take me out to the town's radio station when there wasn't anyone else for Miss Lengelsen's "Story Time" where she would read children's books. My first acting gig, pretending to be six and listening to childhood favorites.

I've also been very lucky that I have a super husband and some great friends to help with everything.
I am so grateful for Kim, Terry and Teresa for driving me around to get me out of the house, offering to carry my bags when we have that retail therapy, humoring when I repeat questions and stories and giving me a glimpse of life outside by regularly calling on the phone.

I met Kim and Terry at science fiction conventions back in the late 1980s. This weekend was the World Science Fiction Convention, in San Antonio and some of our other friends were posting about their experiences. Going through some pictures on a flash drive, I found one of me back at a Louisville con in 1991, the year we had the theme of Viking Bikers from Outer Space. 
I tart up pretty well, huh? We haven't been to a SF convention for a while.

Here's a pretty picture of a handsome man, Ian Somerhalder:

And a bit of inspiration we need:
I'm going to have to allow myself to make some more mistakes, cut myself some slack as I make the effort to heal.

So, for the end, here's a kitty picture:

I will see you again soon, promise!

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  1. I know this is a frustrating time but I am glad to see you have kept your sense of humor intact! Prayers for quick healing and rapid recovery!