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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What would you have in your kit?

I have a friend that went into the hospital last night, via the emergency room.  He came through surgery okay, but will be down for the count for a couple of weeks.  But, it was serious enough that when his wife called, I packed one of my canvas bags with some stuff to take with me.

First thing I grabbed was the book I'm currently reading.  I usually have a book in my purse, but just started Jo Beverley's An Unlikely Countess and didn't know how long I'd be sitting and waiting.  Next, I grabbed a bunch of magazines.  You never know what they'll have in the waiting lounge and friends and family might want to be distracted.  Then, I packed a needlework project, making sure I had a pair of scissors and extra needle in the kit.  I started to grab some snacks and sodas, but didn't have what my friends really like and don't have any bottled water, so I headed out the door. 

I did make a run to my friends' house to get their phone charger cord and got the snacks and beverages there, along with some quarters from their overflowing change bin.  Also, gave the cats some treats and told them their humans were "at the vet's." 

We're at the age where we're sometimes called to sit with friends or family at the hospital or funeral home.  It's best to be prepared.  You never know how long you may be there or what might be a comfort.

I worked this into my novel, where the sisters are in Vegas for a bachelorette party and one ends up in the hospital.  Instead of drunken revelry, they end up taking turns, sitting and waiting.  The hero and heroine take a turn too, because seeing how your character reacts under a stressful situation or even ordinary situation, should tell the reader a lot about them. 

So, while I hope we don't have any more situations requiring hospital runs for the foreseeable future, it's reassuring to know I was able to contribute to the situation and ease the burden a bit.  What would you grab, if you were called upon to do hospital watch? 


  1. My Kindle, a small camera, a phone charger and a pack of gum are with me in my handbag at all times; with five minutes' notice, I can grab a knitting project, a bottle of water, and a granola bar, a pbj, and a piece of fruit. I like your idea of bringing magazines to share; hospital waiting rooms usually don't have much selection. But here's hoping neither of us has to do hospital watch again anytime soon. I hope your friend is recovering well.

  2. I agree--I think the Kindle would be great for just this purpose and for travel. Thanks, Pam--John got home today and will be recovering for the next couple of weeks. Here's hoping, indeed!