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Friday, April 1, 2011

Follow Friday Online Writers' Blog Hop

Follow Friday Online Writers' Blog Hop

Welcome to my first ever Follow Friday Online Writers' Blog Hop!


Some people like to do it in the office. Others prefer it in bed. Some people like it on the dining room table. Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm asking where you like to write!


I do most of my writing on my ancient laptop, sitting on the loveseat in my living room.  Unfortunately, the TV is there and Jewel Quest III is loaded on that computer.....

Elizabeth Sharp of SomeSharpWords started this blog hop. So if you're a writer and want to participate, join in! Not sure if you qualify? Well, if you have a blog to add, guess what, you're a writer. Click the quill logo above to join the fun and view the spotlight writer, Liz Schulte from Bat Country, and her answer to this week's featured question. Here are the rules to follow:
  • Follow this blog (required).
  • Follow Elizabeth's blog, the originator of this hop.
  • Follow the featured author of the week.
  • Copy the image code on SomeSharpWords (Elizabeth's blog) and paste it in your blog. Add your link while you're there, too.
  • Copy and paste the rules to the blog hop, as well as this week's question.Answer the question.
  • Follow, follow, follow! Network, connect, make a community! We love talking to our followers and replying to your comments.
  • If someone stops by, says "hi," and follows you, the polite thing to do is to follow back.
  • Comment here; introduce yourself. You just might find a new follower or two.
Happy blog hopping, everyone!


  1. Hope you get lots of new followers as a result of your participation. I met so many nice people yesterday. I'm already looking forward to next week!

  2. This blog hop has been really great. Lots of nice people who also write like us. Have a great one!

  3. Thanks, Pam and Gabrielle! Yes, this is great to see others on the road and other folks' blogs! I really look forward to this one. Appreciate it!