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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yet Even More Music!

Let me explain--
Our library offers a service called Freegal for their patrons which allows people with library cards to download up to three free songs per week from their files. Now, it doesn't have everything. In fact, it doesn't have but about a quarter of the things on my list of things I want. And it's a pain in the patoot, because everything is listed by artist and for example, Paul Davis is listed under the Ps. It offends my sensibilities. BUT, don't cost nothin' and I don't have to search through the bins at the library, risk getting a scratched up mess of a CD and I can do it in the comfort of my office.
Did I mention I worked part-time in a Record Bar, when there was such a thing? They still sold 8-tracks when I started and I remember counting and recounting the album bins for inventory.
So, anyway, here's what I've gotten over the past few weeks. Yes, I acknowledge I am rather old, but I have a couple things from this century, so shut the hell up.
First up is one of my hands down favorites ever.
“I Go Crazy” by Paul Davis
Saw an interview with the lead singer and he said this was their most requested song. I like it.
“Marry Me” by Train
This one is another that makes me cry and is really beautiful. I watched a performance of Trent Resnor (Nine Inch Nails) do it and Cash is so much better.
“Hurt” by Johnny Cash
I saw Earth, Wind & Fire at the old Market Square Arena in Indy about when this was filmed. It was awesome and one of the best concert experiences ever. I was seriously underdressed.

“After the Love Is Gone” by Earth Wind & Fire
And another one. I'm making a "dance music" playlist for when I spend too much time sitting on the computer.
“Let’s Groove Tonight” by Earth Wind & Fire
There’s also a “Soul Train” video of this that's pretty hilarious, but it ends abruptly.
“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” by Mcfadden & Whitehead
I hadn't heard this one for a long time. Cable channel Palladia shows old videos and concerts, especially at 3am and I remembered how much I liked it.
“Danny’s Song” Loggins & Messina (live version)
This one has the Chuck Norris “Worlds of Warcraft” ad at the beginning, which is hilarious.
“Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn
See, I'm down with the kids. No, seriously, this is very hot and I like the little homage to "Cabaret."
“Love Sex Magic” by Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake
Ok, let me explain. I've seen Barry Manilow in concert twice. Laugh if you will--I've also seen KISS and the Rick Wakeman incarnation of Yes twice. Besides, as I said above, it's not like I paid for them.
“Daybreak” by Barry Manilow (live version)
“It’s a Miracle” by Barry Manilow (live version)
“Could It Be Magic” by Barry Manilow (live version)
So, which ones would you play again? Any you'd buy?


  1. Well, it appears that we could share iPods! Love the songs you mentioned, especially "I Go Crazy!" I will have to check out a couple that I am not quite sure about, but all in all I would listen to any of them. I love Barry but have not seen him in concert. I have seen KISS though. Many similarities...

  2. Love it! Several of the songs I heard excerpts from on those late night infomercials for collections and have most of the songs, but that was one I'd missed. Thanks for stopping by!