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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Sundries--Slightly Silly Stuff

So, tomorrow (Monday the 28th), I'll be starting a new job in the real world. Thanks to all for the good thoughts--I'll be channelling my inner geek girl doing phone tech support for a call center. I promise to still check in, but I won't be on Facebook as often.

Let's take a look at some funnies, shall we?

Not that that ever happens...

Amen--that's from The Gaping Void Gallery.

In the comments on this one, someone started talking about how to figure the difference in area between the lower part of the glass and the upper. Man, my math skills are rusty!

This reminds me so much of my dad, who only graduated high school, but could fix most anything if he could find the tools to do it. If he couldn't, he'd go out and buy another.

This made me laugh--saw an interview with him and his CEO and he still looks like a geeky college guy.

For all you AV geeks like my hubby out there.


Too true, isn't it? Gotta love that Maxine.

We'll see you again sometime during the week, I promise. Have a great one!


  1. A good way to end this leasure pasttime. Now, BACK to WORK. (Wish I could get a job) Hal/Ed

  2. LOL! Thanks, bro. First day was really good. Take care!

  3. Funny stuff, Julee! Hope the new job is going well! :-)