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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sunday Sundries--Feline Edition

For those of you playing at home, we have two cats. They are tabby twins, Boris and Natasha, named so because they are evil.

But, I grew up with kitties and I'm pretty much obsessed with them.

Here's a great picture of my brother and two of Matilda's kitties, back in the 1950s.
She was a legendary slutty kitty, who would look at a male cat and get pregnant. Mom often told the story of one Christmas Eve where she kept wanting Dad with her as she birthed each kitten. Much like Pumpkin, mother of our Sky Kitty, The Great Tail-less Wonder.

Yes, he was Manx and more of a dog than a cat, but we miss him so.

So, here are some of the best funnies lately:

Reference the evilness above.

Our twins are twelve and complete and total slugs.

They've been cranky and fussing at each other lately, so this is hitting close to home.

They are also creatures of habit. Natasha is not pleased with me going back to work, but glad I'm filling the bowl early every morning during the week. The weekend is a problem, though.

This was kind of weird, but cool. Probably Photoshopped, but that's OK.
Very cute--gotta love the cow kitties.

He will, won't he? We haven't put up a big tree since 2001, when despite it being anchored, the twins had it down and were running through it in less than two hours, breaking two of my wood ornaments and a couple plastic and resin ones. *sigh* Sky watched and looked at me, saying, "I told them not to do it. I told them they'd get in trouble."


Very true, isn't it?

Which fur, feathered or scaled babies do you love?


  1. Awsome! Good selection of cats/picts. What can I say. Check e-mail, I sent you one. Big Brother

  2. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Julee! Your kitties don't look the least bit evil, but I understand that appearances can be deceiving. As you already know, I love my furry Karma. Part golden retriever, part chow and part Welsh corgi, he is an odd-looking creature but beautiful in his own way. And he loves me unconditionally. What would we do without our pets?

  3. Julee, you've met my cats! Interviewed them and taken their pictures. My fave is "Go bed. Santa be here soon." I will try it on all my kitties...

  4. Thanks for stopping by, all! Came in with an armful of bags from the store, but had to pet Nasty on the head before I unloaded. Pam, I love corgis and know Karma's a sweetie. Ed, sorry I didn't get the picture with you holding a kitty too and Grace--are we sisters with different mothers?