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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Dates and Memories and Canine Edition

Last week would have been my parents' 70th wedding anniversary. Dad passed right before their 60th, with Mom passing a little over two years later. It was a true love match, even though it was a rocky road at times.

Today, over forty years ago, my much older brother was killed. It was another love match, but one cut short after only a few years.

Life is short. Live it and love while you can.

Now, let's lighten things up a bit. I have a preference towards cats, but I've known and loved a few dogs. 
Obviously not one, but funny nonetheless.

Dog and geek reference--double point score!

Love me some G. Ss.

Don't you just want to rub that belly?

I love corgis and a corgi puppy, well, this will bring my smile into tomorrow!

One of my favorite memories was of a tiny kitten at my in-laws' house hissing and pawing at their large dog, who simply looked bored.

Guess I think like a cat too. And finally:

Why I wear house shoes or sandals in the house--this is the only thing worse than a slimy hairball.  Here's hoping everyone has a super week! It's so hard to believe we're at the end of January already. 


  1. No, Julee, it is not hard to believe we're at the end of January "already." The days are getting longer, the crocuses in my office potted palm tree are sprouting, and I'm mapping out which writer's conferences I can afford to go to this year. Love the pups and kittehs any time of year, though. How's the job going?

  2. I like that 'Home Security' foto, post it on the front door. Another month near SPRING and warmth. It's not been that bad in VA but still ...

  3. HaHaHa! Those are making me laugh this a.m. Julee!

    My parents celebrated 60 yrs together yesterday. Sorry to hear your dad's passed, but what a wonderful thing to have a love last so long.

    Have a great week & let us hear from you more often! Miss you!

  4. Thanks to all who stopped by! Been having to spend my time in the "real world" with my job and I sure do miss you all. Dear Hubby actually rode his motorcycle to work today--how's that for January? Puppies and kittehs, life is good. Off to work on my fiction, honest! Love you all!

  5. Lovely post, Julee. Like you, I'm having a hard time believing the month is almost over, although I'm glad it is. Don't get me wrong; I've enjoyed every minute. But I hate being cold; I am already looking forward to those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer. Good luck with the writing!