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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday Sundries--New Stuffs!

Spent too much time today surfing the Interwebs for silly things to share. I feel a little guilty, because I want to be writing. I should be writing, but I seem to have a problem with a magnetic attraction to all things Facebook and Majong Titans. I've also got to get to going in the kitchen to clean up and get some food together for the next week.

Of course, fixing some things for The Big Game. Not that I really care other than the commercials. Well and the mens in tight pants bending over....Dear Hubby doesn't have his favorite teams playing tomorrow, but he'll still be yelling at the TV. So, hope everyone has a great time doing whatever your plans are this Sunday!

But, don't do this to the kittehs.

OMG!!! "Walking Dead" is starting again! I don't watch it, but DH and some friends do.


Boris loves to put his cold nose in my ear when I'm laying on my side sleeping. Charming, huh?

For all of those who go through voice mail hell to try and get some help with your tech problems.

Speaking of Boris, my browser got turned off when he walked across my keyboard last week. The old HP laptop had the switch on the front, but nothing on the new one. Luckily, we have the desktop and a search explained that the browser switch was the F12 button. *sigh* Now why wasn't that in the manual?

How cute is she? Gotta love me some calico.

And the stripey cats.

That's exactly me with spiders! Like I could fit on a door though....

Don't know what my stripey twins would do if confronted with a real mouse. I do know that when they had a fake fur mouse that was black and when our black Manx cat was still alive, one of them chewed the tail off of it. Hilarious!

Have a Super Day and a great week!

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  1. Your right you know. But I still love you. Hay, K was on fone to Cindy, and said about need to set up Skype. Of course k/Cindy doing it. kathleen.johnson1019 , hal.johnson448 is the numbers. Later ;)