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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Sundries--Sicky Edition

Okay, next to Fall, Spring is the worst for me. I have a dark purple car, but it has a distinctly green cast to it now, from all the beautiful flowering trees in our area. On top of it all, I got another nasty round of strep, so I've been taking antibiotics AND steroids. Since my "real world" job involves me talking on the phone, it's been a challenge. The cats are frantic and my plans for getting a lot done at home this weekend went out the window. Oh well.

The good news is the gunk is "clearing up" and draining. The bad news is that if I try to lay down, I get choked and start a massive coughing spell. So, I'm up at 4:15 am and figured I might as well visit with you all, before I nap again on the loveseat in the living room.

By the way, I just signed up for Pinterest and will be uploading some pictures of my inspirations for my pages over the next few weeks.

Isn't that the truth. And cookies. Lots and lots of soft, chocolate chip with nuts cookies.

Not that we ever post embarrassing pictures of our kittehs on the Interwebs.

Sorry to say, this is sometimes true.

Silly fun. We're so easily amused some days.

This happens all the time. Just another way our lives have changed.

Remain calm. All is well.

While we should allow ourselves to make mistakes, perhaps this wasn't the best choice. White really isn't your color.

Helps the blood flow to the brain for the decision making process. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Finally, isn't this a great idea? I made sure my husband saw it and I think we may have two doors that we can do this to, the closet in the hallway and the door to the basement. We'd have to leave the backing out of the bottom shelf and not put anything on it, because the kitty litter is downstairs, but I think we could rock this.

So, everybody have a super week! I promise to take care of myself and check back with you all often. Take care!

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  1. I love that door I'm stealing your picture. I wanna tear my doors out and do it to all of them